Myke Karlowski is a painter and synesthete. His work focuses on the passage of time while investigating his own experiences with time-space synesthesia. This cognitive phenomenon associates units of time with specific colors, color combinations, and their position in space. The palette for his work draws upon these associations, each color representing a unit or duration of time. The process is both investigative and introspective. Layers of paint act like entries in a journal, documenting the events of each day as simplified color blocks and transitions. The paintings are further exposed to time through accumulation and erosion. Before a new entry is applied, the previous layer is wiped out, sanded, or scraped away. Remants of previous entries build up over time, and sometimes old color combinations can be reused as events and experiences reoccur. In this way many moments in time can be present at once through the exposure and compression of different paint layers. The result is an artefact which conveys the history of its own development and contains a narrative of lived moments and experiences present in its color.